Our Commitment to Safety

At Watertight Systems, Inc., safety is a top priority for our team. Many contractors try to hide their less-than-stellar safety record, but we are proud to display our safety record to all of our clients. That’s because our accident record speaks for itself. When you work with our team of experts, rest assured that every project we carry out has a focus on safety.

EMR Ratings

Experience Modification Ratings (EMR) are not just a quality you look at when deciding which business to work with. In fact, they’re now often a requirement. For these reasons and because we care about following the highest standards, we take EMR ratings seriously. In fact, you can see that our history over the past three years includes EMR ratings of .79, .84 and .84.

Safety Matters to Us

However, EMR ratings aren’t the only thing that matter to us. We don’t just want to look good on paper. We’re also committed to safety on a daily basis. A focus on safety connects us to our guiding principles, which also include honesty and professionalism.

Additionally, our commitment to ongoing safety includes strong policies and practices that our entire team follows. We know this translates into fewer incidents and reduces lost-time injury rates. This is a benefit for everyone: our company, our employees and our clients.  

How We Promote Safety

At Watertight Systems, we take numerous steps to ensure a safe workplace. Further, we focus on identifying and eliminating risky behaviors through training programs.

These are our safety policies and procedures:

  • We maintain a drug-free workplace through initial and random drug testing of our employees.
  • All of our employees go through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, including 30 hours in the beginning and 10 hours as annual continuing education.
  • Each foreman or crew leader completes Red Cross-recognized training and certification in:
    • CPR
    • Defibrillation
    • First aid
  • We provide the following training:
    • Associated Scaffolding’s industry-accepted Suspended Scaffolding training
    • United Rental’s training program on Excavation and Trenching (29CFR 1926 Part P) and Aerial Lifts
    • Weekly on-site “lunchbox” safety meetings
    • Monthly formal safety meetings
  • We have a confined space permit
  • Our policies state that failure to conform to safe practices is reason for termination

Receive a Well-Rounded Experience

When you work with us at Watertight Systems, you can expect quality service that is backed by our guiding principles and our commitment to safety. So, contact us today to get started with your project.