Structural Strengthening

Maybe your commercial property has lost its capacity to meet building codes or support increased loading. Watertight Systems can pinpoint structural deficiencies that may be caused by many reasons:

  • Changes in building codes
  • Poor construction or initial design problems
  • Deterioration of structural materials
  • Upgrade to meet seismic loading
  • Increase in service loads

Structural Strengthening Applications

The stronger and more robust your structure’s framework is, the greater ability it will have to endure increased lateral loading from heavy winds, the deadweight loads of the building’s construction materials, and the live weight of people and equipment moving about the structure. So, as your business and processes have increased, it is likely the structure may need strengthening to support the additional weights.

Watertight Systems can increase the strength of load-bearing walls, steel members, masonry structures, wood, and reinforced concrete within many types of construction using multiple applications including:

  • Span Shortening
  • Slab and Beam Strengthening
  • Column Strengthening
  • Crack Reduction and Repairs
  • Increase Impact Resistance

Innovative Structural Strengthening Solutions

Our structural strengthening solutions focus on relieving your building of stresses or overloading due to structural damage and poor design or construction. Further, we work to restore your building’s original structural capacity or to provide a predetermined increase in structural strength. Some obvious signs that your property needs structural strengthening of walls, foundations, or beams include:

  • Cracks forming in walls or concrete floors
  • Walls that tend to bow out
  • Previous water damage due to flooding
  • Sagging or bouncy floors
  • Gaps in door and window frames
  • Cracks in brick or stonework

Contact us today for a structural investigation before a major building failure occurs. Our design–build solutions begin with a consultation to assess your building’s structural problems. Additionally, we can retrofit existing buildings with structural members to increase the load capacity to beams, slabs, or columns. At Watertight Systems, we handle projects for structural strengthening with a staff of highly experienced professionals serving business owners in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

Watertight Systems is a local, commercial waterproofing company known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are also committed to professionalism, honesty, trust, and loyalty while providing the most advanced solutions for commercial property owners. We are proud to be a preferred provider for engineers, architects, contractors and commercial property managers throughout the Southeast. So, contact us today!