Below Grade Water Proofing

Areas built below ground level experience unique risks when it comes to exposure to water and moisture. Without proper below-grade waterproofing, basements and other below-ground structures become vulnerable. Risks may include water damages over time as well as mold, mildew, and the potential for flooding.

Benefits of Below Grade Waterproofing

Water is one of the most damaging forces. It is especially destructive for concrete, wearing it down over time.

Waterproofing helps to keep water out of the places you don’t want it, extending the life of buildings and improving the health of those who work, live, and operate inside those buildings.

Benefits of investing in adequate below-grade waterproofing from the start include:

  • Protecting concrete in below-grade areas, effectively extending their life and usefulness.
  • Reducing the costs of maintaining and cleaning up below-grade areas of commercial buildings.
  • Increasing property value, which is especially important to property managers and property management companies.

Effective below-grade waterproofing systems play vital roles in protecting buildings from water infiltration.

Why Trust Watertight Systems for Your Below Grade Waterproofing Needs?

Watertight Systems is an industry leader when it comes to innovation in the waterproofing field. We have highly skilled professionals who are attentive to detail and widely known for their outstanding craftsmanship.
We believe you should know what you’re getting and who you’re working with from the beginning. Which is why we do 90 percent of the work ourselves rather than subcontracting out the bulk of the work we do.

We have extensive experience in the waterproofing industry and have fostered vital relationships with architects, contractors, engineers, and property managers throughout Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

In addition to below-grade waterproofing, we also offer a wide range of maintenance services, air barriers, concrete repair, carbon fiber wraps, masonry preservation, stabilization anchoring, flashing, and more.

Contact Watertight Systems today to discuss your below-grade waterproofing needs and how we can help you extend the life and beauty of your buildings with our other waterproofing services.