Air Barrier

Watertight Systems, Inc. specializes in air and water barrier installations for new commercial construction in the Southeast. Our focus is on providing a superior solution to your air and moisture barrier challenges. Further, we have the knowledge, skills, and products to protect your new building against moisture infiltration. This can help minimize water damage to your structure’s interior over time.

Additionally, our air barriers can offer a number of benefits and can also help improve energy efficiency. Building wrap air barriers work to improve building performance and increase occupant comfort. Further, with Vapor Permeable or Moisture Non-Permeable Vapor solutions, the experts at Watertight Solutions offer a number of great options.

What is a Vapor Barrier System?

A vapor barrier system can effectively address the problem of moisture infiltration in a building by attaching material that transfers moisture away from the building’s structural elements. So, depending on the climate and the orientation of the structure, the experts at Watertight Systems can determine the most effective place to install a vapor barrier that will reduce the movement of water vapor.

Water-Resistant Barriers

To prevent water that has seeped beyond the exterior cladding of a building, a water-resistive barrier can be installed. This helps to effectively reduce the infiltration of bulk amounts of water that could damage concrete walls or exterior sheathing.

Air Barrier Installation Services

A number of air barrier materials can be used to reduce or eliminate airflow into and out of the controlled building environment. Unwanted air movement within the structure of a building not only increases the load on HVAC systems, but will also transport water vapor in the process. Watertight Systems can provide a number of air barrier solutions including insulating board stock, mechanically fastened building wraps, or self-adhering membranes.

Watertight Systems is your go-to contractor for barrier installation requirements that meet your engineering specs and local building codes. We perform high-quality craftsmanship with attention to detail for all your commercial waterproofing needs throughout the Southeast. We serve all industries and have experience in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. So, contact us today!