Our Guiding Principles

At Watertight Systems, we know that certain characteristics set one company apart from another. In the commercial waterproofing industry, we aim to give our clients a superior experience by following our guiding principles. In fact, these principles set the tone for every service we provide and every encounter we have with our clients. Contact us today to find out more about us.

Creating Lasting Partnerships

We care about providing the best work possible and satisfying our clients, which helps us create lasting relationships. We value these partnerships and our reputation within the local industry, so you can always count on us to be reliable and professional.

Committed to Our Values

With every job we carry out, we commit to Honesty, Respect, Professionalism, Trust, and Loyalty.

We believe that these core values help us to provide our clients with a more positive and reliable experience. Additionally, these qualities help us follow our first guiding principle by encouraging lasting partnerships, as the people we work with continue to find us trustworthy and dependable.

Fostering Individual Growth

We believe in encouraging each member of our team to be the best they can be, which allows our company to provide top-notch services to you, our clients. Rather than using subcontractors, we use our own team to carry out the majority of our workload. We value each team member, as well as each client we work with in the community.

Being the Industry Leader in Innovation

We’re committed to always staying at the top of our game. We’re active members of numerous industry associations, and we maintain up-to-date certifications with materials manufacturers. This means that we keep up with exacting standards and stay current with the latest industry information.

Having Fun

While we take our jobs seriously, we also like to have fun. We’re all about hobbies and community activities in our free time, and we’re passionate about the work we do, especially in restoration and preservation work.