watertight safety signEvery contractor likes to brag about its safety records or hopes to avoid discussion about its less than satisfactory experience.  Safety begins at the top and Watertight Systems’ accident record speaks for itself.  Experience Modification Ratings (EMR) are not only being used as a qualifier for doing business.  In many cases, a positive rating is now a requirement.  With EMR ratings of .79, .84, and .84 over the past three years, Watertight Systems continues to demonstrate its commitment to safety. 2014 RATING: .79

EMR ratings are not ends unto themselves.  Effective safety policies and practices translate into fewer incidences and lower loss time injuries (severity).  It begins with at risk behaviors and we are committed to the identification and elimination of these behaviors through initial and ongoing training programs.

This is how we achieve it:

  • Watertight Systems maintains a drug-free workplace with not only pre-employment testing through LabCorp but continues with random testing throughout employment
  • Each employee receives initial 30 hours OSHA training and 10 hours annually thereafter
  • Each foreman/crew leader receives Red Cross recognized training and certification in:
    •  CPR
    • Defibrillation
    • First Aid
  • Associated Scaffolding’s industry accepted training in Suspended Scaffolding
  • United Rental’s program for Excavation and Trenching (29CFR 1926 Part P) and Aerial Lifts
  • Confined Space Permit
  • Weekly ‘lunchbox’ safety meetings held at each site
  • More formal monthly safety meetings
  • Failure to conform to safe practices is reason for termination